Do you provide an end of year tax report?

Domestic account holders that have reportable information will receive a year-end statement called a Combined Form 1099. This statement combines the customer’s year‐end tax forms (1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID and 1099-MISC), a summary page, and transaction details. Retirement accounts will receive a 1099-R and / or 5498 based on their activity. Educations savings accounts will receive a 1099-Q and / or 5498-ESA based on their activity. Foreign accounts will receive a 1042-S.

Detailed cash transactions, profit/loss statements, and trade history reports are also available via Apex's website.

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    Edward Kelenyi

    You don't address futures accounts or it doesn't seem like it - plus when I log onto my account there is no obvious place for online tax reports - every other brokerage on the planet has this information readily available.

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    Izabella Gearhart

    I am very unhappy and upset you do not make this side more friendly.
    I am looking every were for my tax report and not able to find. What is a big problem make this easy to find!!!

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    Patricia Wilkinson

    Same as above. No info in help menu on where to find Combined Form 1099?????

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    Patricia Wilkinson

    FYi to access tax forms: dashboard/view account/at bottom manage account, opens new screen / reports/ online tax forms. Hope that helps others.

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    Great info, Patricia. I just got my 1099. Thank you very much.