Can I trade Futures in an IRA?

Yes, futures trading is permitted in IRA accounts, however a customer must setup the IRA through a separate custodian of which our clearing firm, Wedbush Futures has an established relationship.

The IRA Custodians are:

AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC 

Midland IRA 

Millennium Trust Company

Your futures IRA can take from three (3) weeks to set up (for new IRAs) to eight (8) weeks (for transferring or rolling over an existing IRA, or Roth IRA).

  1. Complete the MB Trading Futures (MBTF) IRA account paperwork with a copy of your valid unexpired government issued identification.
  2. After completing MBTF paperwork, go to IRA Custodian’s website
  3. Select "Futures" as the investment type and complete the IRA Custodian’s application .
  4. Please submit the completed MBTF IRA Futures Account Application plus the IRA Custodian documents to IRA Custodian, not MB Trading Futures.

Please contact a New accounts representative for more information.

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