Withdraw funds from your MB Trading account by requesting a check, wire, or ACH transfer.

Note: All withdrawal requests are subjected to phone verification prior to transferring funds. The daily deadline to request funds from your account is 10:00 a.m. PST.¹

Checks and Wires:
To submit a request, log in click the online check or wire request button on the "Withdraw Funds" page. Withdrawal requests must match the account title contained at the firm. We are unable to process wires to third party beneficiaries. Please note, a stop payment fee will be assessed for checks that have passed the 180 day void date and have not yet been cashed. Stop payments will be placed the month after the 180 day issuance date and funds will be placed back into the customer’s account the following business day.

International Wire Transfers:
Apex does not permit any outgoing requests to be distributed to OFAC and FATF restricted countries. Apex has also designated certain jurisdictions that require customers to submit the International Wire Form and will be pre-reviewed by Apex prior to the distribution of funds. Distributions are not guaranteed for approval and may take up to one business day for review and validation. For a list of the Apex Restricted Countries (ARC), OFAC and FATF jurisdictions please see the list here.

For disallowed requests, the alternative means of distribution is a domestic first party transfer. The receiving domestic institution would then facilitate a separate international transfer. Attempting to circumvent this process using ABA routing through intermediary banks FBO on a ARC country could result in escalated action, including account closure.

ACH Transfers Equities Account Only: NEW!
Electronically transfer funds to and from your checking. ACH transfers typically take 24-48 hours to process and are available for no charge. There is a limit of $50,000 per day for all ACH transfers. Once your ACH relationship has been approved, log in and select the "Account Management" link from the left menu. In the new window that appears, select "Cash Transfer" from the "Transactions" menu. Enter your account number and click the "Request New" button. In the event that an ACH is reversed by NACHA, a $25 fee will be charged and the account will be asked to send funds via an alternate method (wire, cashier's check, or certified funds) Please refer to "Important Information" below.

Journals: 1. To transfer funds between 2 MBT accounts or an MBT account and another account with Apex, please download the Internal Transfer Request form and fax it into us. Funds can only be transferred between like accounts with the same name.


Online check and wire requests are not available for Foreign Account. Foreign account holders, please download, print, and fax the funds withdrawal request form to (310) 388-3115.

IRA Account holder please see Withdrawal Instruction detail here.

Restrictions on Withdrawals:

If any outstanding calls exist on the account (except for EM and DT calls). Apex will increase the DT calls by the net amount of the disbursement.

Check deposits in domestic accounts are held for 10 business days. Check deposits made in international accounts are held for 30 days. ACH deposits are held for 5 business days. Deposits for DT calls are held for 48 hours and deposits for MD/RT calls are held for 24 hours.

  • If the withdrawal would cause any type of maintenance call.
  • If the account is currently in the process of a transfer out (i.e., ACATS).
  • If the account is missing a physical address.
  • If any new accounts paperwork is missing on the account.
  • Wires cannot be sent on accounts with a debit card or from MAP accounts.
  • If there are any same-day liquidations (i.e., the client cannot liquidate securities and withdraw funds on the same day).
  • Also if a stock certificate has cleared DTC we will not pay out funds from that security on the same day.
  • If the account is holding any short positions in a cash account.
  • If an IRA account request for funds is not accompanied with the IRA Withdrawal Statement form.
  • Transfers on Death (TOD) accounts have a $200 full transfer fee plus any other delivery fees only if the primary account holder is deceased.


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    Mark Graunke

    Can you track an outgoing wire? I've been told by MB Trading that the wire was processed on 10/1 but I do not see the funds in my other account yet.

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    Steven Allen

    It's been a week since I close my account, Has the check been sent?