HANDLE: The whole dollar price, or stem, of a quote, it is usually used in the foreign currency and money markets.

Having the same stock or option listed on two or more different financial exchanges. MULTIPLIER:

HEDGE: An investment made in order to reduce the risk of price movements in a security, by taking an opposite position in a related security, such as an option or a short sale.

HIGH (H): This is the highest price that was paid for a security during a certain market session.

HISTORICAL VOLATILITY: This is defined as the realized volatility of a financial instrument over a given time period. Generally, this measure is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument in the given time period.

HOLDER: One who is in possession of a security, usually the purchaser and owner. 

HYPOTHECATION: The pledging of securities or other assets as collateral to secure a loan, an example could be a debit balance in a margin account.

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